Hazard Perception Testing

You must pass the Vic Roads Hazard Perception Test before attempting your Driving Test.

Go to the Vic Roads website and practice

Instructions for practicing the driving hazard perception test.

Each question tells you what you are doing and will ask you to react. For example:

You are driving straight ahead

You will see a preview picture of the traffic situation.
Your speed is shown on the dashboard.
Your indicator will flash (if you are about to turn).

The next screen will tell you what your driving task is, e.g.:

After the sound and blink, touch the screen

You will see a picture of the traffic scene again.
You will hear a sound, the picture will blink and the video will start.
You can respond to the question (with the mouse) after the video starts.
Click the mouse ONLY when it is SAFE to do the driving task.
If it is NOT SAFE, do not click the mouse.
For some questions there is a time when it is SAFE to do the driving task.
For these questions you should click the mouse during the SAFE time.
For some items there is NO time when it is safe to do the driving task.

For these questions do NOT click the mouse.

If you click the mouse the video will stop and you will get the following message:

You have clicked a mouse button

If you do not click the mouse the video runs until you get the following message

The video has finished

What is a hazard?

Here are a few examples of hazards that you may need to react to:

Traveling through a side street lined with parked cars, a child steps out. Approaching a green light at 70 km/h, a pedestrian steps onto the road.

Speedo reads 80 km/h while you are on a bend; that is probably a bit quick.

Approaching a green light at 60 km/h and the lights go yellow suddenly.

Approaching a green light and the oncoming vehicle turns in front of you.

Approaching a right turn (green light) and a motorcycle is approaching (but is hidden).

Following a vehicle and a cloud of dust appears under that vehicle.

Warning sign for bad road conditions while cruising at 80 km/h.

Following a tram, it gradually slows down, very hard to pick though.

Following a bicycle at 20 km/h, choosing a time to overtake it.

Things to Remember

Check your speedometer and then read the question carefully.
Are you required to click the mouse to GO or is it too SLOW?
It is common to leave the mouse alone to answer correctly, no clicking.
The most common cause of failing is to be too jumpy and click the mouse too early!

To book the Hazard Perception Test with Vic Roads phone 131171

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NSW Hazard Perception Test

The NSW Hazard Perception Test is taken after the first year of driving on Red P plates and must be successfully completed before progressing to Green P plates.