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  Driving lessons & expert driving tuition from EXCEL DRIVE

Learning to drive is an important milestone in anyone's life, which is why our driving instructors are among the finest and most professional in the country. As one of the largest driving schools accross Australia we are confident that driving lessons with us will be both awesome and enjoyable.

The fastest growing national driving school, Excel Drive has instructors located throughout areas across Australia, however, our instructors are local to the areas they teach so you can be sure you will get expert driving tuition on the roads and testing areas around where you live.

With over 90 instructors we've got you covered!

We know that drivers come in all shapes and sizes, a bit like cars, so your Driving Lessons will be structured to suit YOU. If you're an absolute beginner: give us a call. If you're a nervous driver: no problem. We include low risk driving skills in all our lessons and also do express test preparation lessons. Whatever your age, ability or driving experience we have the perfect driving lessons for you.

Get your life moving with Excel Drive!

When you learn with Excel Drive School you'll enjoy:

Friendly, patient and fully qualified Driving Instructors; Modern automatic & manual cars with dual controls;Test success in as few lessons as possible;Reduced lessons prices when you block book; Convenient pick-ups from home, work or school; Achoice of male or female driving instructors; Intensive driving courses; Low Risk Driving Courses; Driving lessons seven days a week


Practise your driving with our ‘Learn to Drive’ game.

Excel Driving School operate schools throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Central Coast, Drouin and Warragul. If you book at any of our schools for a lesson you will receive; The how to guide on log books, conquering fear, a defensive driving course, licence test courses, manual and automatic learn to drive courses and practise and learning the ins and outs of road laws. Our instructors from Melbourne to Warragul to Drouin are very experienced at each drive school, however learning is a two-way process and you'll need to practice after lessons to ensure you consolidate everything in the course including your log book and are ready for the manual test.

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Driving school, course, lessons, instructors, log books, manual practise, licence test... we cover it all. You can book a lesson at one of our schools and learn how to drive with us. Learning how conquer your fear with our defensive courses in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Warragul, Drouin and the Central Coast.

Learn how to drive? You need to book lessons, arrange school, practise manual and fill log books. With Melbourne and Sydney instructors and schools, an Adelaide licence test lesson, Drouin defensive driving courses or a Warragul or Central Coast fear and learning course.

Excel Drive School provide exceptional driving schools and instructors for defensive and manual driving and learning how to curb fear. We help with how to prepare to get a manual licence or auto licence in Adelaide, Central Coast, Drouin, Warragul and more. Learn and practise with our experienced instructors, conquer fear and understand the right way to fill out log books. Book courses at a school in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, the NSW Central Coast, Warragul and even Drouin. You will no longer find lessons scary and be defensive when having a lesson, learning a course or passing a test.

Drouin, Warragul, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or the Central Coast... Book a lesson or course with Excel Drive School today. Learning in our schools and courses you are guaranteed manual practise lessons, how to curb fear, expert instructors who teach defensive driving, use log books and help you learn to pass your licence test.

Never fear! If you need to learn Excel Driving School is here! Committed to quality lessons, manual and defensive courses on how to drive, log book entry and affordable lessons from the Central Coast to Sydney to Melbourne and beyond. Whether you are learning manual or need a course in automatic, we have professional instructors at our school to test students and guarantee they practise and learn how to pass their licence test the first time around. Our schools also offer courses for those who have a specific fear or for those who need an advanced defensive course. We are also specialists in Log Books for Sydney, Adelaide, the Central Coast, Drouin and Warragul. Book your lesson today!

Of all the schools in Central Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Drouin and Warragul, why pick our instructors to help you pass your licence test? Learn your lesson - book a course or courses at our drive school for lessons in everything from defensive driving and how to overcome fear to manual learning and practise to log books.

Learn how to pass the test! All you need to know about driving lessons, courses, drive fear, log books, manual licence, defensive practise and learning schools. Book a lesson or course at a school with our instructors in Melbourne, Drouin, Adelaide, Warragul, Sydney and the Central Coast.

Whether you live in Melbourne, Adelaide, Central Coast, Sydney, Warragul or Drouin... There are Excel Drive instructors and lessons for you! Lose your fear in a defensive drive course, book practise manual and auto lessons, log books, general courses and more. We are happy to offer a learning course or driving lesson on how to handle your fear, prepare and practise for a licence test and learn log books. Book a lesson at one of our schools in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or a school in Warragul with excellent instructors today.

Defensive driving course and lessons, manual practise courses, licence test, log books, learning how to conquer fear...Book and learn with our drive school and lesson instructors in schools from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and the Central Coast to Drouin and Warragul.

Learn how to drive in Sydney, Adelaide, Warragul, Drouin, Melbourne and Central Coast. Manual learning with practise courses in the car you'll drive in the licence test. Book today and choose the lesson or course that will suit you learning needs and have the choice of any of the best qualified instructors for your driving lesson. Intensive courses, schools, books... everything you need to learn to pass. Lessons available daily to help with your licence. Excellent training school including help with defensive skills, log books and fear of driving and practise schools all over Australia from Adelaide

Excel Driving School –Book today in Adelaide, Central Coast, Drouin, Melbourne, Sydney or Warragul for manual and automatic lessons, quality instructors and a practise course lesson created to get you your licence. Have no fear – you'll pass your test if you learn how to drive at one of our schools. Defensive courses, log books, learning and more...

Why fear driving? Why manual and defensive lessons? Why practise log books? Why learn how to pass your licence test? Why book a course with instructors? Schools in Melbourne, drive in Adelaide, learning courses in Sydney, a lesson in Drouin or Warragul and a school on the Central Coast.

Need to learn how to master a defensive driving course? Gripped with fear for your impending manual licence test? Want to learn how to drive on safe courses with experienced instructors that make learning and all lessons a breeze? Need to understand log books, practise general defensive manoeuvers? You need to book a lesson at any of the Excel Schools in Melbourne, Drouin, Sydney, Adelaide, Central Coast or Warragul. Every one of our instructors from any of our schools is friendly and professional from Melbourne to Drouin! So remember for the best school, lesson, practise lessons, logging books and preparing for a licence test... think Excel.

Pick a school, book a lesson, learn a course, practise defensive and manual, pass your driving test and get a licence. Never fear! Learning how to drive is easy with our instructors, lessons, courses, log books and schools in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Warragul, Drouin and the Central Coast.

Excel Drive is the premier learning and driving school in Australia. We have schools, courses, lessons and instructors in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Central Coast, Drouin and Warragul. Book a defensive lesson or course, licence test, manual or automatic practise today. Learn how to conquer your fear and keep your log books up to date now!